Every individual, company, idea has a story. Our passion is to take that story and turn it into a video that evokes emotion, creates a connection and captivates the audience.  

Shredded Tire Inc

Aerial Imaging for Construction

Get a unique aerial prospective of your entire job site without the cost of hiring a helicopter. Brickell Drone offers Ultra high resolution images for in progress reports, and inspections. In addition we offer 3D mapping of your entire project with an interactive map for even greater insight into your project. Know exactly what progress has been made and keep your team in sync. Increase efficiency and decrease liability of workplace hazards by identifying potential project site risks from the sky.

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Agriculture and Landscape

As a farmer your crop means everything. Brickell Drone deploys state of the art mapping technology to identify problem areas within  your field. Know exactly where to take action to save your crop and your profit. Keep your crops in the green and out of the red. 

In addition we are able to map large acres of land in minutes providing you with a 3D map of your land showing high and low points, and even volumetric measurements for stock pile quantities. 

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