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Brickell Drone is an Aerial drone photography and videography company based in Miami, Florida. We proudly service South Floridas Miami- Made, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach area. Our drone operators carry a FAA part 107 drone pilot license and  5 Million in liability insurance for all of our drone services. We have worked with companies in the construction, manufacturing, and industrial operations. We specialize in drone photography, drone videography, time-lapse photography, drone inspections, real estate photography/videos, video editing, social media management, website content, on group videography and photography. 


DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera

DJI Mavic 2 PRO

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Brickell Drone uses Drones made by DJI. DJI is the largest drone manufacturer in the world producing the most reliable, and most advanced drones in the industry. We offer 2 different drones by DJI, the Mavic 2 Pro and the much larger Inspire 2.

The Inspire 2 is our largest most advanced drone. This drone is perfect for high end commercials, documentaries, and provides the most cinematic image possible. This drone is capable of capturing CinemaDNG a RAW video format and Apple Prores which has become a Hollywood standard. Both of these formats are perfect for post processing and allow for tremendous amount of video coloring. This drone can withstand high winds by the beach or at a high altitude, track cars at over 40 + MPH, and offers superb low light capabilities. The X5S camera can shoot video at up to 5.2K Resolution at 30 FPS and pictures at up to 20.8 Megapixels.

- Micro 4/3's sensor

- Video at up to 5.2K 30 Frames per second

- Still Images at up to 20.8 Megapixels

- CinemaDNG RAW and Apple Prores capable in 12 bit

- Available lens selection of 15MM, 25MM, and 45MM

- 6 batteries available for all day video shooting

- Stable at high winds

- Track fast moving subjects like cars at 40+ MPH

- Best option for low light and night time videography and photography

The DJI Mavic 2 PRO is a small compact drone packing a tremendous punch. This drone is perfect for indoor videos such as factory tours, or real estate virtual tours, or spaces where a large drone would just be too distracting or not feasible. This drone is perfect for companies looking for social media content, and webpage content that does not have to look like a Hollywood made cinema movie but still looks incredible enough to impress the audience.

- 1" CMOS Sensor designed by Hasselblad

- 20 Megapixel still images

- 3 batteries for all day video and photography

- 4K Ultra high definition 10 bit videos at up to 30 Frames per second.

- 6K stunning Time-lapse.

- Over 6 Mile transmission distance

Drone Operator

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I'm Adnan Velic, Brickell Drones operator and owner. Technology has been my passion ever since I can remember. I became interested in drone photography and drone videography in 2017 and immediately fell in love. I'm obsessed with learning about the latest drone and video technology, I can spend hours on these topics daily. This is what drives my craft and my obsession to get the absolute perfect shot possible for my clients. I'm proud to have worked with a diverse group of companies in South Florida ranging from Construction companies all the way into the Beauty industry. I have spent hundreds of flight hours with my drones constantly working to perfect my skills. Drone videography and photography has become an indispensable marketing tool offering an incredible perspective only previously possible with a helicopter. Contact me below and let's create your next masterpiece. 

Why choose us?

We have a true passion for what we do. Every project we take on is produced with extreme attention to detail and care. A video we create will live on the internet working for you 24/7 and we fully understand the importance of this. We have the experience and knowledge of working with a diverse client base here in South Florida wether it be creating cinematic drone videography, or stunning drone photography. Our relationships with the FAA and various South Florida counties has been excellent over the years. We understand the permitting process and pre flight planning and logistics for any project size. We choose to fly drones which are known to be reliable and are the industry standard, always ready for you. 

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